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Change Your Tactics
by Galen

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by Galen Sonntag


Of all the topics in the world to write songs about, the great outdoors seems to have been mostly overlooked. It's just plain difficult to find a song, let alone a good song, about hunting or fishing. Yes, there are a few "joke songs" out there, songs that rank up there with "Snoopy and the Red Baron", and hunting or fishing show opening songs, but actual songs by actual brand name artists are hard to come by. It's not hard to find songs about girls, songs about boys, songs about cars, and summer, and parties, and all other popular topics. So, we have scoured the internet and our own personal music libraries, to give you a list of songs for hunting and fishing. Some of these are great, some are crap (personal opinions), but you know what they are about by the titles. Some of my personal favorites come from Ted Nugent, who can quite regularly be found on outdoor shows having a great time shooting black bear in Saskatchewan with his "Wackmaster" bow or shooting ducks off his back porch in Michigan. If you want a great album, pick up "Spirit of the Wild" which includes many of the songs listed. A few of these songs take the light hearted approach, such as Brad Paisley's "I'm Gonna Miss Her". We have a second list of songs that might be considered, but aren't really, about hunting or fishing, but mention animals, or lakes, or forest, or such.

  • Fred Bear - Ted Nugent
  • I Just Wanna Go Hunting - Ted Nugent
  • My Bow and Arrow - Ted Nugent
  • Spirit of the Wild - Ted Nugent
  • I Shoot Back - Ted Nugent
  • Tooth Fang and Claw - Ted Nugent
  • I'm Gonna Miss Her - Brad Paisley
  • Mossy Oak Song (Pass It On) - Tracy Byrd
  • One Damn Deer - from the Bob and Tom radio show
  • Mighty Manly Hunting Men - Da Yoopers
  • Thirty Point Buck - Da Yoopers
  • 2nd Week of Deer Camp (part 1) - Da Yoopers
  • 2nd Week of Deer Camp (part 2) - Da Yoopers
  • Deer Hunter's Widow - Da Yoopers
  • Gone Fishing - Brad Paisley
  • Fish Fight Song - Da Yoopers
  • 40 Pound Crappie - Da Yoopers
  • Too Drunk To Fish - Ray Stevens
  • Fishing On T.V. - Brian Regan
  • Mama's Got The Catfish Blues - Tom T. Hall
  • Hunting The Duck - Buddy Wasisname and The Other Fellers

The songs that didn't quite make the list:
  • Take Me to the River - Al Green
  • Catfish Blues - Jimi Hendrix
  • Of Wolf and Man - Metallica
  • Sweet home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • The Trees - Rush
  • Bullfrog Blues - Dave Hole
  • The Spanish Archer - Deep Purple
  • The Hunter - Free
  • John the Fisherman - Primus
  • Barracuda - Heart
  • Great White Buffalo - Ted Nugent
  • Hibernation - Ted Nugent


Enjoy the Season
Galen Sonntag

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