is pleased to list some of the best places in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to hunt and fish.

The recommendations are based on our own experiences, suggestions from friends and relatives and from visitors to our web site offering their own recommendations. We have organized our information by big game hunting, bird hunting, and fish species.  Please respect landowner rights and request permission prior to hunting and fishing on private property.  This information is intended for the recreational hunter and anglers to aid them in finding a great adventure in our great Canadian prairie outdoors.

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The best times to fish by day for June, July & August 2002

You can also tell us your story and submit pictures to be posted on line in our  section.


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Our Favorite Places to Fish

Rainbow Trout | Brown Trout | Lake Trout | Walleye (Pickerel) | Northern Pike | Perch | Goldeye

Alberta's Fish Stocking Programs (requires Adobe Acrobat) 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002

Saskatchewan's Fish Stocking Programs 1999 | 2000 | 2001

Where to Fish, published by Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management


Our Favorite Place for Bird Hunting

Sharp Tail Grouse | Hungarian Partridge | Pheasant | Ducks | Geese

Our Favorite Place for Big Game Hunting

White Tail Deer | Mule Deer | Elk | Moose | Antelope | Bear 

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